Video Boards Great for Target Pratice at Cowboys Stadium

The video boards at the new Cowboys Stadium were the center of attention at the building’s first football game, and that wasn’t always a good thing.

While fans were in awe of the world’s largest high-definition screens – roughly 60 yards wide, 25 yards high and as clear as any 52-incher – punters for the Tennessee Titans used it for target practice before and during the preseason home opener Friday night and had little trouble hitting it. Read more here

Cowboys Stadium Luxury Suites offer elegant and luxurious surroundings with an unparalleled view of the game, concert, or special event.

Fox Sports Video Highlights:  NFL on FOX’s Curt Menefee takes a tour of the new Cowboys Stadium with Jerry Jones. Check out all the features of the brand new facility and more.

Posted By Marcus C.  Justine (Sports Writer)

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