Mom Arrested For Kicking Her Kids Out of The Car

Madlyn Primoff, 45 from  Scarsdale, New York mom  has been arrested for kicking her 10- and 12-year-old girls out of the car in downtown White Plains.

According to sources, Primoff became so frustrated when her daughters wouldn’t stop fighting therefore she made the get out of the car and she then drove away.

The oldest of the two daughters chased after the car and eventually got back in however, the younger daughter was left behind.

According to the Journal News, the young girl  was spotted by someone going by who noticed that she was crying.  The good Samaritan took the little girl and bought her an ice cream and contacted authorities.  The police  search the area for the mother however, she was not found.

A short time later, the police recieved a call from the mother who filed a missing child report The mother and her husband arrived at the police department and it was then that she was arrested for endangering a child which is a misdemeanor charge.

To Madlyn we would just like to say “your village just called and their missing their idiot!”  Please share your comments on this story with us!

Posted by:  Holly Heels

Topic:  Lady arrested for kicking her kids out of car!

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