Chris Brown Charged With Domestic Felony Battery

No need to watch for Chris Brown or Rhinna to appear at the Grammys tonight.  Brown has been charged with Felony Assault.

The LAPD is investigating an alleged domestic violence felony battery report in which singer Chris Brown was said to be involved in. According to sources, the 19 year old singer and an unidentified woman were parked at Hancock Park earlier today when the argument occurred.

The couple reportedly got out of the car and the argument escalated.  When the police arrived, they found the woman who had visible injuries.  Brown fled the scene before the police came.  The woman identified Brown as the person who attacked her.

According to Entertainment Weekly‘s Web site, Rihanna and Brown were involved in a car accident earlier tonight; a rep for her would not confirm or deny the accident, saying only that “Rihanna is well. Thank you for the care and support.”

LAPD officer April Harding told People magazine “that the identity of the female victim will not be released, due to the fact that any victim who’s involved in a domestic violence incident is entitled to confidentiality.”

The incident remains under investigation, according to police.

E Magazine reported tonight that neither Rihanna nor Chris Brown will be perform at the Grammy Awards as planned.

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