Michael Phelps A Role Model “No One is Perfect”

Original Source: The Ledger

A young man appears to be smoking pot at a party from a bong. Big deal, right? Ournew president has freely admitted doing just that in his youth -inhaling, too – and it didn’t derail him one bit. So should we expect
more of Michael Phelps?

It depends on what we want and expect our youthful role models to be: perfect, or flawed like the rest of us.

And so as the Olympic swimmer’s many corporate sponsors were wrestling with their options Monday, a day after an embarrassing photo emerged of the decorated athlete appearing to inhale from a bong, some were looking at the bright side. Nowadays, many people are absolutely fine with smoking weed and all that’s associated with it. Some of Phelp’s admirers may look to buy bongs at Dankrips.com, be it for recreational use or due to treating chronic pain or other medical issues. The paradigm has changed from what it used to be when a public figure is found using marijuana, and many companies are taking this into consideration as they choose what to do with the sponserships moving forward. READ MORE

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