Drew Peterson’s Fiance Moves Out

Just one  day after Drew Peterson told ABC’s “Nightline” he hoped to marry the 24-year-old woman who had moved in with him, she and her two children moved out, according to reports from a CBS news station.

The breakup was  heated however no punches were thrown.  With three squad cars outside the house, Christina Raines and her dad removed her belongings from the Peterson home.

Ernie Raines appeared on Dr. Phil and expressed his concerns about his daughters involvement with the former police officer.  Peterson remains a suspect in the disappearance in his forth wife Stacy who many fear is dead.  Ernie Raines gave his daughter an ultimatum telling her that if she didn’t leave he would never speak to her again.   Thank goodness her bond with her father was far greater than that which she had with Peterson. Another factor which attributed to her decision was a comment Peterson made on “Nightline.” In that interview, Peterson, 55, said he likes being married. “I enjoy belonging to somebody,” he said.

But he also acknowledged that, while he liked the early romantic stages of each relationship, he eventually lost interest when “there was no excitement in the marriage anymore.”

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SourceCBS News

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