Lame Questions, Lame Answers Super Bowl Media Day

Top Lame Questions ask on Super Bowl Media day which took place on Tuesday at Raymond James Stadium!

A member of the media ask…..

Media Day Steelers quarterback Ben Rothlisberger: If you could steal any actress, who would it be? Big Ben was bewildered, then shook his head “no.” “That’s kidnapping,” he said.


Media Day Steelers linebacker Lamar Woodley, who raved about his mother’s cooking: If you had a choice between your mom’s cooking and a Super Bowl ring, which would you choose?  ” As good as his mother’s cooking is, Woodley said, “I can get that any time.”

Media Day Pittsburgh linebacker James Harrison: What’s the dumbest question you’ve been asked today? To laughter, Harrison answered, “They’ve all been dumb.”

Med¡a Day Cardinals wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald caught three touchdown passes against the Eagles in the NFC Championship game, leading his team to the Super Bowl. Fitzgerald, polite and friendly, was asked if he had big hands.

Well, Fitzgerald said, “My hands are larger than your hands – that’s for sure.”

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