Military Chief Apologizes to Actress for False Sexual Allegations

After falsely accusing London based entertainer Tania Zaetta for having sex with elite special forces soldiers  while on a concert military tour, Australia’s military chief has apologized. The allegations were made after the entertainer performed for troops at an Afghanistan military base.

Chief Marshall Angus Houston met with the 38 year old entertainer and her family on Tuesday and it was then that he apologized for naming her in the baseless defense briefing note.  The note was later leaked to the media and Zaetta’s face appeared on the cover of several tabloid magazines.

In a statement made by Houston he said:  “There was no substance to the allegations.”  “Ms. Zaetta gave her time and her talent to entertain our forces serving in Afghanistan and she deserves our praise and our thanks. I have also made clear to Ms Zaetta that she is welcome to again join a Forces Entertainment Tour in the near future.”

Australia’s defense department and the entertainer reached an agreement last year in which she was compensated for “an unacceptable breach of privacy” in relation to “false allegations.”

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