Dame Edna Unveiled Despite Controversy

Dame Edna the new face of MAC Cosmetics is scheduled to be unveiled  in Docklands, Australia tomorrow. The statue created by Peter Corlett’es Fitzory has been sitting in his studio since April of 2006. There was some controversy between the parties because Barry Humphries, the face behind the witty entertainer didn’t like the statues facial expression.

Ron Collins Variety’s Victorian chairman told sources that the artist ” had been given full independence to create the statue according to his design, but that had caused some anguish.”

Despite all the fuss and legal threats, the charity group “Variety” who commissioned the work of art as part of their “Variety Entertainers of the Century memorial” has decided to unveil the statue anyway. Mr. Collins told sources: “You have got a classic, world-renowned and witty entertainer and I think the statue complements the other statues very well.”  Collins added, “It was made in the spirit of honoring him as a great artist.”

Dame Edna will stand proud amongst a collection of 100 of Australia’s favorite celebrities, entertainers and dancers  including Graham Kelly and Kylie Minogue.

Harley Metcalfe, Humphries manager said “the famous Dame had absolutely no comment to make on the statue.”

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