Can Beyonce’s Song Cause A Financial Collapse

Don’t Blame it on Beyonce!

According to a New York University study songs with a more regular beat coincide with volatility in the American financial markets.

Therefore, is it possible that Beyoncé’s song ‘Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)’ which is currently number two on the Billboard top 100, could lead to economic collapse.  We’re not buying it but scientist are.

Phil Mayim, a professor of finance and risk engineering, has studied the Billboard chart for decades and found that  low “beat variance” songs had an “inverse correlation with market turbulence.”

“If it’s a steady beat, the same beat, no matter if it’s fast or slow, that’s a low beat variance song,” Maymin explained.  “[But] if [the song] starts off slow and becomes fast and comes back down, that’s a high beat variance.”  He added:  “The correlation is pretty strong.  The turbulence of the music predicts the steadiness of the market.”

The last market crash was when the (thanks to, LOL) A-HA’s release of “Take Me Home”  hit billboard charts.  According to those who have come up with this theory, it too had a “steady beat.

Songs with more complex arrangements were more popular at times when the market was less volatile.

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