Woman Bugs Teddy Bear To Prove Ex Was Unfit

A Omaha, Nebraska woman who was so desperate to try and prove that her estranged husband was an unfit father bugged her daughters bear.

Dianna Divingnzzo,  placed a recording device into her five-year-old daughter,  Ellanna’s cuddly toy in order to record estranged partner William Lewton, 36. However, when presenting the evidence in court at a custody hearing, Nebraska judge David Arterburn ruled that the material had been illegally obtained.

“I just can’t imagine the thought of someone taking that little bear’s head off and implanting a device. It’s incomprehensible how someone could do that to a child’s toy,” said Lewton.

Lewton, who said the recordings revealed nothing abnormal about his relationship with his daughter, is now suing Divingnzzo for over $400,000.

Under Nebraskan law, at least one person has to consent to being recorded during conversation.

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