Simon Cowell Please Don’t Go

Simon Please Don’t Go”

When American Idol  producer Ken Warwick held a press conference this week his focus seemed to be on Paula Abdul and how he hoped she would stay on the show.  Now it seems that rather than reporters asking about Paula, they should have been asking about Simon as well.  Cowell spoke with reporters via telephone on December 17 and told them “I’ll make a decision about (whether to stay with the show) next year.  During Cowell’s phone conversation, he made it a point to tell reporters that his decision regardless to stay or go will be based on workload and not personality conflicts.

OMG…could you imagine “American Idol” without Simon Cowell…that would be horrible!   Simon known for his somewhat untactful, open and honest comments has been a huge part of the shows success. Simon…we have grown to love you, please stay!

Posted by:  Behindy

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