Sunset Tan’s Holly Huddleston Can Melt Icebergs

HOT HOT HOT! Have A Holly Jolly Holly Huddleston Christmas

Sunset Tan’s Holly Huddleston is enough to make the Arctic’s largest icebergs melt as she heats the atmosphere as FHM Online unveils it 12 Days to Christmas Lingerie Guide today.

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Forget about having a White Christmas this year – Sunset Tan’s Holly Huddleston is heating things up as FHM Online unveils its Holiday Lingerie Guide, the 12 Days of Lingerie on Friday, December 12, 2008.

The “Olly Girl” was selected by the Men’s Magazine as one its favorite lingerie ladies alongside FHM’s first Digital Darling winner in 2006 Carlee Ranger and FHM UK covergirl Amanda Gift. Donning brands including Victoria’s Secret, Agent Provocateur, Elle MacPherson and Jimmy Choo the scantily-clad lingerie lasses are using their assets to promote a gift guide in the hope of making holiday shopping a little easier for the millions of males out there.

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But it turns out that Paris Hilton isn’t the only Hollywood hottie that professes to have us all fooled with her dumb blonde persona. Huddleston and her fellow “Olly Girl” Molly Shea also admitted that their reality TV act of being bubbly, bitchy and bimbo-like is just that – an act.

“People will sometimes come right up and just tell us what they think of us, we get told all the time that we’re dumb,” Molly told Tarts at a recent Hollywood party. “But we are fooling everyone. It’s all an act and we overplay everything.”

The glam girls say that they are taking over the world – one tan at a time.

“There is no stopping us, we have so many things in the works right now and we’re blowing everything up,” Holly added. “In a couple of years we’ll be huge.”

Britney Spears’ manager Larry Rudolph is actually a major investor in the “Sunset Tan” empire (yes, it is and was a real business before it was an E! reality show) and prior to her infamous breakdown last year, Larry had his number one client regularly frequenting the bronzing hotspot. But now that Brit is back to good, will Rudolph really let her make a reality-show cameo just to boost business?

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